Composite films - bundling specific properties

17.10.2017 -

One single film usually does not meet expectations or required properties - but - a composite with several layers or made of different materials does. Composite films are made up of several layers of film the properties of which complement each other.

A flexible product, that meets the specific requirements of the respective area of application, is realised by combining different or similar materials.

Let's take a layer of polyethylene as an example. Such a layer ensures minimal water permeability. An aluminium layer protects from light and against oxygen. Through the skilled combination of materials inexpensive films may be used which, within a composite, develop the same properties as premium and more expensive films. Therefore, the mechanical and electric properties of a composite, Nomex* and polyester (NMN) for example, can significantly be increased by a PET-film, with Nomex* paper improving the temperature resistance of the PET-film at the same time.

As a result a thinner film with higher mechanical and electrical resilience can be used saving space and money.

Advantages of composite films

Combining different films often offers new and improved possibilities of application. Solutions are simpler, cheaper and can be integrated into the production process more easily.

Enabling improvements in the areas of

Release – adhesion – sealing ability – printing – barrier properties – mechanical resistance and more.

Joint development with your experts for film

Polifibra composes suitable and optimal composite films for you and your respective area of application. We manufacture composite films for your purpose from, for example, polyester, chipboard, fabrics, metal foil or fleece. By combining different materials, the properties of each individual product are significantly improved.

If you would like to know more about basic film properties, please contact Polifibra Folien Handelsgesellschaft mbH. We are looking forward to developing film specifically and individually for and with you. Our expertise for your product.


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