"Release films" – customised separating films

16.05.2018 - In a number of industrial applications and areas films are used as an effective release agent. In most cases, due to its exceptional mechanical properties, polyester film is used, the separating properties of which may be enhanced by specific release coatings. These so-called release films are used in a multitude of ways to separate or protect materials, for example, on its way to subsequent processing. Typically, the coating of release films is made of silicone but for specific applications release films may be manufactured without a silicone coating.

Individual tailoring of release film

The intended application of a film determines the nature and properties of the release film to be used. That is why release films should always be individually tailored to specific customer requirements and area of application. To do that, it must be established which types of material are to be separated from one another and what kind of (environmental) influences those are subjected to. Only in the rarest of cases does a standard-release film serve as the perfect solution. For that reason, experts of Polifibra Folien GmbH are there to answer any question you may have regarding the area of application, individual adaptation and nature of release film.Examples and areas of applicationListed below are a few examples for the advantages and the application of release film in industrial production:

A) Blocking function

Example of application: Double-sided sticky tape in the industrial sector. In this classic case a release film prevents the double sided sticky tape from sticking together. Only after lifting of the release film the second adhesive layer is uncovered and may be used.

>>> In this case the release film offers a so-called blocking function.

B) Release film as carrier/protective film

Example of application: If specific industrial resin-mixtures are transported from A to B and these are still "developing" during transport or over a period of time.

>>> In this case release film protects the primary product from contamination. After transport or period of development the release film is removed, and the product subsequently processed.

C) Cleaning and environmental protection

Example of application: Moulds, either industrially producing or moulding casting compounds, are often lined with release film to avoid extensive cleaning of these moulds.

>>> By using release film only the film has to be changed. The mould itself remains clean and does not have to be extensively, maybe even by using chemical cleaning agents, cleaned. Release film therefore contributes to the protection of the environment.

Film specialist

As an experienced expert for film Polifibra Folien GmbH analyses requirements to jointly develop the perfect film solution with the customer for the specified area of application. This results in individually manufactured release films tailored to the application purpose of the customer to ensure the best possible quality of the product. If you have any question regarding release/separating film or similar, please contact your film specialist Polifibra. Together we develop a made-to-measure solution!


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