Christian Weimer – Captain of Production

12.06.2019 - Here in Limburg/Lahn at Polifibra Folien GmbH Christian Weimer is responsible for work planning and management of internal production processes. Besides preparatory measures, essentially consisting of checking incoming orders in regard to delivery deadlines and availability of materials, 37-year-old Weimer manages weekly work schedules, creates cutting plans for and manages utilization of each individual production machine. He is essentially manning the command bridge of production.

Furthermore, Christian Weimer is in charge of drafting staff plans and duties within the Polifibra production team and on top of that a successful licenced coach in junior football. "Working as the intermediary between incoming orders and production management offers interesting challenges - which may not necessarily be foreseeable - every day. But that is what makes this job what it is because one has to continuously find new solutions in order to reconcile company specific production processes and customer specific requirements. Our focus here is, needless to say, invariably on the production of high-quality products. Within the Polifibra production team we manage that very well at the moment".

Another key aspect of his work within production management is preparation and review of statistical analysis of machinery for sustainable improvement of manufacturing efficiency. "Supervising and evaluating workflows is extremely important and critical for the purpose of making work more efficient and effective. Which, in production, is our objective", says Mr Weimer. In general, all machine-specific matters as well as servicing and maintenance are dealt with by Mr Weimer.

Despite primary tasks Mr Weimer never hesitates to roll up his sleeves when it comes to production machinery or to actively support his staff when the going gets tough. Christian Weimer has been part of Polifibra Folien GmbH since 2014 and is a steady as well as essential member of the team.


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