Pouch films: Perfect composite films for storage technologies

20.09.2021 - Whether smartphones, electric vehicles, or storage for photovoltaic systems - the areas of application for lithium-ion batteries in everyday and domestic use are becoming increasingly versatile. Due to its high energy density and performance, the lithium-ion battery is the leading storage technology in a steadily growing market segment. In light of this, composite films are used as "packaging" for the battery core. Why? Because one of three possible designs of a lithium-ion cell is the so-called "pouch cell". Here, the active components are enveloped in a composite film made of plastic and aluminium. The sides of such film are thermally welded together and thus hermetically seal off the components from its surroundings. The aluminium-composite film or pouch film forms the outer shell of the battery and is, because of its appearance, also called a "coffee bag".

Pouch-Folien für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien
Pouch-Folien für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien

The pouch cells high packing density, excellent heat dissipation, low weight, and comparatively low manufacturing costs is impressive. The housing of the cell is not rigid, as in round or prismatic hardcase cells, but light and flexible due to the aluminium film. The actual battery cell is sealed in the film and its arrester is lead out of the cell housing.

Polifibra Folien GmbH develops high-quality, highly refined pouch films and designs individual customer solutions for optimum and efficient use. As is often the case, not all films are the same, and this does indeed apply to the packaging of pouch cells. Such aluminium composite films may be enhanced to suit a specific application. For that reason, Polifibra manufactures a wide variety of products in order to adapt battery packaging to any requirement in individual applications. The quality of the sealed seam is the primary issue in regard to durability as well as safety of the cell. Polifibra closely cooperates with battery manufacturers to provide the best possible film quality for a particular application.

Should you have any question in regard to innovative and individual film solutions for storage technologies, please contact your film specialist: Polifibra.


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