Polifibra – more than ‘just’ a producer of films

28.11.2022 -

Polifibra Folien GmbH specializes in the production and customization of industrially used films. In this the Limburg-based company doesn’t see itself as just a producer of films, but rather a competence centre for new, innovative film products. In cooperation with partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Bremen, Polifibra develops high-quality films with versatile properties for a wide range of industrial applications. The company along with its partners is currently engaged in the further development of so-called pouch films, which are used in battery cells, for example.

‘The developmental work with its ambition to develop new films and find solutions is part and parcel of our corporate make-up,’ says Managing Director Andreas Spahn. ‘Even though the energy crisis and the effects of geopolitical events are taking up a lot of time and energy at the moment, we will – of course – continue to work on topics with a look to the future and innovative approaches to solutions. That is simply part of our business.’ The film specialist’s customers also benefit from this developmental work, as they’re actually often involved in a development process at an early stage or when they are, in cooperation with Polifibra, developing and supporting their own ideas.


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