POLIBOND – for a better bond

09.03.2018 -

Polyester films are usually transparent, flexible and with a high mechanical resistance. Due to its high chemical resistance a good bond or adequate compounding, when coated with glues and substrates, is not always given.

POLIBOND is a polyester film with a specially treated surface. Chemical primer changes the surface texture of the polyester film, converting it into a perfectly printable surface. This surface treatment enables higher bonding and, if required, adhesive strength may be modified. In the industrial sector POLIBOND is a versatile product with a wide application range.

POLIBOND and its high DYN-value

To achieve a good bond between substrate and coating a special surface treatment of the film is required to increase the dynamic value (DYN-value). The DYN-value expresses the surface tension measured. Generally, the DYN-value of polyester film is between 38 and 40. POLIBOND by Polifibra Folien, however, reaches a value of more than 70. This value is realised through a particular treatment with TCA-acid and thereby achieving a markedly better bond of coating and substrate.

Example of application

Practical examples which imply quality as well as cost advantages:
  1. Heavy-bond films are used for wheel balancing, for example, when weights are glued to the wheel rim. Such adhesions have to withstand extreme stresses (-40 to +60 °C) and centrifugal forces and have to bond exceptionably well. Superior sign of quality!
  2. In every application where adhesive tape, for example, is to be removed residue-free the bond to the substrate needs to be stronger than the bond to the material it is stuck on. Residue-free removal saves on cleaning work, which may cause, especially in industrial application, high costs. Great potential for savings!
If you have any questions about POLIBOND, please contact Polifibra Folien GmbH in Limburg a. d. Lahn, Germany. We are your expert-partner and happy help find the perfect solution for you and your application. Simply contact us!


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