Films in electronic applications: Increasing requirements

Base materials and components face ever increasing expectations with miniaturisation in electronic applications advancing rapidly. [read more]

Change in Management at Polifibra Folien GmbH

As planned Andreas Spahn has taken over management responsibilities of Polifibra Folien GmbH from the corporations long-standing Manager Klaus ... [read more]

"Release films" – customised separating films

In a number of industrial applications and areas films are used as an effective release agent. [read more]

Innovation(s) in the film market

Polifibra for individual solutions and innovative developments [read more]

POLIBOND – for a better bond

Polyester films are usually transparent, flexible and with a high mechanical resistance. ... [read more]

Composite films - bundling specific properties

One single film usually does not meet expectations or required properties [read more]

Thermal film for Lithium-Ion-batteries

Over the past few year lithium-ion-batteries, due to their high energy density, have become the leading storage technology in almost all ... [read more]

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Welcome to POLIFIBRA Folien GmbH Germany

POLIFIBRA Folien is based in Limburg / Lahn and is a film-specialist. We assemble film and insulating materials for use in various industrial fields, including Electrical Engineering and the Energy Sector.

Together with our customers we have developed individual solutions and offer the ultimate in quality products. POLIFIBRA Folien is your reliable partner when it comes to films, laminates, caps or sleeves for industrial applications. Take advantage of our many years of experience and professional solution based approach, towards meeting your needs.

Our key success factors are the quality of our products and our high degree of flexibility, especially in the implementation of individual customer requirements. The professional qualifications of our employees, our fast delivery times and the development of innovative solutions, complete the profile of our company.

POLIFIBRA is your reliable and flexible partner

POLIFIBRA is your reliable and flexible partner

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Controlled quality management for high product quality

Controlled quality management for high product quality

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Innovative products and customized solutions

Innovative products and customized solutions

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