CUT-TO-SIZE-SERVICE by the film experts

30.01.2019 - For 35 years polifibra folien GmbH has provided cutting services for different types of film and width. To such cutting services, in which films are cut exactly to the width and length to customer specification, the highest quality standards apply as otherwise smooth subsequent processing may not be guaranteed.

Goods on rolls or coils and cross winding spools

Generally, a distinction between goods on rolls or coils and cross winding spools is made. Films are usually cut on rolls which have a core with a size of 3“ or 6“ and are made of plastic or cardboard. By employing cross-winding techniques it is possible to wind up a large number of linear meters at a low material width.

A roll is wound layer upon layer. To make a cross winding spool a different process, the so-called oscillating winding, is used in which individual layers are wound on a wider core in a slightly overlapping fashion next to and on top of each other. This provides the possibility to process high volumes of roll length in continuous production without machine time-out when changing a roll. In this process 40,000 to 80,000 linear meters are wound on a cross winding spool. Besides the much larger length the secure and tight winding is important when processing very small width.

Length of rolled goods with very small width of about 5 - 10 mm on discs is limited to a certain outer diameter due to the great tension of the film. On a 3“ core this amounts to about 400 - 500 mm. Cross winding spools however may be loaded with many times the length which enables customers to work efficiently and trouble-free.

Investing in the future

Last year polifibra folien GmbH has invested in a new premium-cutting-unit and with organisation, documentation of processes and efficient as well as economical processing steps being of the highest priority, the film expert from Limburg in Germany is now perfectly equipped for the challenges of future customer wishes and requirements.


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