Jessica Hartmann – "Quality specialist par excellance"

08.01.2020 - Employee Profile - Polifibra Folien GmbH

Quality Assurance

At Polifibra Folien GmbH Jessica Hartmann is responsible for quality assurance. Her well-trained eyes spot even the smallest deficiency and through careful examination she ensures that all Polifibra products leave production in perfect condition and as per customer request. Primary role of 31-year-old Hartmann is the inspection of production processes as well as products. Additionally, she prepares inspection certificates, confirms work assignments, prepares and maintains technical data sheets, processes complaints by customers as well as suppliers, prepares supply standards, monitors compliance with statutory provisions in regard to REACh/ROHS-conformity and is also in charge of monitoring testing and measuring equipment.

Quality Assurance Polifibra Folien - Jessica Hartmann – „Quality specialist par excellance“

Within production control Ms Hartmann conducts spot checks in terms of quality, material, width, thickness, tensile strength and mechanical properties for any and all film ordered. Newly developed products are initially tested in her test laboratory as well. Constant and precise quality control matches her personality as she sees herself - so she says - as quite a meticulous person in private too. For Polifibra Folien GmbH such trait is very advantageous. As a trained office administrator, she has been a member of the Polifibra-Team since July 2016. She continued to train to assume the important role of quality specialist par excellance. Her “it’s a go” is decisive for further progress in and during the production process to finally result in a completed order including the corresponding inspection certificate.

Quality Assurance Polifibra Folien - Jessica Hartmann – „Quality specialist par excellance“

"What makes my job so exciting is the fact that we are, time and again, faced with issues for which new solutions have to be found", Jessica Hartmann says. "Generally, I can fall back on the wealth of my experience in order to find sources of error and solutions to pass on to production. However, my work includes a daily lesson because there are and always will be new tasks to be handled and new solutions to be found". In case of mentioned anomalies and variations in her testing the inspector contacts the machine operator in charge directly and consults production management. With a wink the Quality-Manager states: "When I have nothing to say then my colleagues operating the machines have done an excellent job and all is well”. The pleasant quality-inspector is very well liked within the Polifibra-Team and, due to the "agreeable work environment" in particular, feels very comfortable.


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