Challenges of 2021 successfully negotiated, optimistically looking forward to 2022

02.12.2021 -

After 2020, known as the Corona year, 2021 was, not only in our but in many other industries, also impacted by the pandemic. Besides lockdowns, working from home and new requirements as to communication, which have markedly influenced everyday work and made such more difficult, the most dramatic consequences of the pandemic for any industrial company during the past year were primarily material and supply shortages, as well as increases in prices. Polifibra Folien GmbH was no exception and had to face these challenges during the business year of 2021, but we mastered them, thanks to the great commitment of our employees, in the best way possible. For precisely that reason we would first of all like to extend a big THANK YOU to our members of staff.

During the financial year of 2021 Polifibra has regained momentum, despite aforementioned pandemic impact, and will not only significantly outperform the pandemic year of 2020 in regard to its annual results, but also record a slight gain as compared to the pre-Corona year of 2019. This is, despite an overall improvement when starting out compared to the previous year, a more than remarkable result and one we are all very proud of. Therefore, and due to a range of new projects, our outlook to the coming year of 2022 is all positive and we expect further increases in our operating business. Of course, our new machines and production processes sporting fewer emissions, which are also important parts of our on sustainable aspects based corporate identity, should also contribute to this.

In 2020 we took advantage on the pandemic to make ground-breaking and future-oriented investments, which were fully implemented during the financial year of 2021 and have gotten off to a good start. Both demand and general interest in our individual product range have increased even more. We were also able to benefit from a profitable purchasing strategy. 2021 saw major changes, mainly due to retirements, in regard to our members of staff as well. A circumstance we have utilised to set up our team ready for the future. Within the past 12 months we even managed to expand our production team, which is certainly not an everyday occurrence given the challenges in this environment of a global pandemic.

We, along with our team, are looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead and as mentioned above, are optimistic about what the new year of 2022 will bring. We wish our retirees a well-deserved retirement, good health, and happiness and all our customers, partners, suppliers, and friends a good start to the new year with less PANDEMIC and once again more INDUSTRY.

With this in mind - stay healthy and positive.

Yours Andreas Spahn
Polifibra Folien GmbH


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