Polifibra Determines CO2-Footprint

17.10.2022 - For the very first time, Polifibra Folien GmbH has determined its CO2-footprint with the help of an independent institute and gained certification. The Limburg-based film specialist is thereby taking another step towards a more sustainable, resource-friendly, and low-energy method of production and is meeting the current market and competitive requirements with this certification at the same time.

Polifibra Determines CO2-Footprint
In recent years, Polifibra has increasingly invested in emission-reducing production processes as well as work processes and established these within the company. ‘We would like to make a real contribution not only to ourselves but also to the environment. That is why we’re constantly focusing on new technologies and energy-saving measures in our company,’ emphasizes Managing Director Andreas Spahn. The managing director of Polifibra deliberately foregoes buying environmental certificates or such like. ‘I don’t like the idea of buying certificates. We don’t want to reduce emissions and save energy somewhere else, but here in our company, our production and work processes. In this context we have to face the fact that with the current technical possibilities, we aren’t yet able to achieve a fully CO2-neutral production,’ Spahn continues.

The Limburg-based company focuses on ecologically sound investments and energy-saving measures in a wide range of production and work areas. This includes use of new LED tubes in the warehouses for example, which use far less electricity than conventional fluorescent tubes, or purchase of new battery-powered forklift trucks with much longer runtimes than those previously used. Next year, investments in projects featuring renewable energy at the production site in Limburg are on the cards.

In due course we will issue relating information on our homepage to keep our partners up to speed.


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