Polifibra Folien GmbH: Successful in Navigating 2022

13.12.2022 -

Andreas Spahn looks back on 2022 as an extremely satisfactory year for Polifibra Folien GmbH.
Andreas Spahn looks back on 2022 as an extremely satisfactory year for Polifibra Folien GmbH.
Polifibra Folien GmbH can look back on 2022 as an extremely satisfactory year. Despite major challenges due to the geopolitical developments surrounding the war between Russia and Ukraine with its far-reaching macroeconomic consequences, as well as the effects of the pandemic still clearly noticeable at the beginning of the year, Polifibra managed to develop very positively operationally during the business year of 2022. In this context we benefited from a very good order situation throughout the year. Both demand and general interest in our individual and tailor-made product range have increased even more.

The tense delivery situation at the start of the 2022, which led, due to factors mentioned, to bottlenecks and considerable delays in the delivery of material and raw material eased considerably during the course of the year but especially in the third and fourth quarter. At Polifibra, we quickly adapted our purchasing strategy to the conditions on the world market early on and significantly increased stocks at the beginning of the year in order to ensure and be able to supply our customers adequately and smoothly during this period. Another consequence of global hot spots was and continues to be a significant increase in market prices for materials as well as for delivery costs. However, this now seems to have reached its peak. Recently, we have noted a stabilization in prices, but it remains difficult to provide a tangible forecast in regard to price developments for the coming year.

In 2022 and in line with corporate philosophy, Polifibra has continued to develop future-thinking corporate projects whilst also deciding on new sustainable and emission-reducing investments. In this context we will also specifically focus on renewable energies in order to continue to make valuable contributions to climate and environment. With the calculation of our very own CO² footprint, we will resolutely continue to tread this path in order to be and remain a reliable, responsible and attractive market player. Furthermore, in 2022 we initiated new innovative ideas for research projects, which we intend to implement along with our partners in the coming year.

The biggest contribution to the positive business development was made by our staff, who, especially in such unpredictable and unsettled times, have served the company stronger and more than ever. For this management would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again. But our thanks also goes out to our customers, suppliers and partners for their consistent trust and excellent cooperation. We are looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead and optimistically look to the future. For 2023 we see ourselves more than well positioned and are positive that we will be able to continue to walk our chosen path successfully.

We wish all our customers, partners, suppliers, staff, friends and their loved ones a very merry Christmas and a good as well as successful start into the new year 2023.

Stay healthy!

Yours Andreas Spahn
Polifibra Folien GmbH


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