History / Milestones

2013 - Commissioning of the cogeneration plant (energy-saving investments)
In October 2013, the new cogeneration plant in POLIFIBRA Limburg was put into operation. The now produced with a gas turbine power is sufficient for the needs of production and management, and can also still make feeds into the grid. Thus, a further increase in production has been considered. The CHP simultaneously generated so much heat that a complete heating of the work can be done. By using the new technology of CO2 emissions by about 26 each year is reduced t. Another contribution to improving the environment.

2011 - reorganization of the group POLIFIBRA
Following the reorganization of the group POLIFIBRA production of composite films was of the POLIFIBRA SpA adopted in March 2011. Our investor is an international in the field of Lable industry group. Under a new administrative leadership, the high quality of our laminated films and the flexibility of our services could be secured.

1983 - Foundation of the sales office POLIFIBRA
POLIFIBRA in 1983 as sales office of POLIFIBRA SpA established for the electric motor and transformer industry. In the following years the production of new technologies has been increased continuously to other products.

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