Cable films

In the cable industry films are used particularly suitable for shielding electrical conductor, as a separating and insulating films or moisturizing protection. Thus, polyester films, because of their physical and chemical properties both in data and communication cables as well as power cables used.

The high tensile strength, low weight per unit area, a high degree of flexibility and good electrical properties are important criteria for the selection of the film set in the cable production.

Data / communication cables

Polyester films for data cables

The permanently constant physical and chemical values of the polyester films, as well as the tight tolerances in the film thicknesses allow the use of POLIFIBRA products even in very demanding end-products in data and power cable area.

The polyester film is a transparent, flexible film with excellent mechanical properties. The electrical properties of polyester films are very good, so they come in the field of data and communication cable with a thickness of usually 12µ - 50µ for use.

Polymetal composite films for shielding

Electric fields have basically the disadvantage of influencing the electronic circuits or circuit parts around them. The resulting tensions affect thereby disturbing to such assemblies and can cause malfunctions. Similarly, the correct transfer of data signals in the individual strands of wire must be guaranteed.

Through a closed metallic sheath on all sides of the electrical conductor is shielded. The electrostatic shield works on the principle of induction and is carried out in lines through a network or integrated metal foil that is usually reinforced with a PET film.

This shielding and mechanical protection be ensured in a single operation. According to the requirement of the shield, there are various compositions of the composite films in various thicknesses.

For data and communication cable composites are usually made of aluminum and polyester film. However, aluminum-copper composite films come in this area are used.

More composite compositions for screening are available on request.

Flat Cable

Always more compact construction in E-area demand the highest precision in the smallest space. The case often demanded high flexibility at high mech. Stress but less mass is becoming increasingly demanding even in the films used in the manufacture of flat cables.

power cable

Separating and insulating films for power cables

In the field of power cables, the polyester film is due to their mechanical properties for use. It behaves towards oils, greases and solvents neutral: the film does not contain any plasticizers and is resistant to aging under normal conditions. In the field of power cables, polyester films are used as separation or isolation films. The film thickness is between 50µ - 125µ here.

moisture protection

In addition, thick aluminum foils are used for moisture protection of energy cables. Also Nomex*- composites or sealing films for flat cables come in the energy sector to use.

If you want to know which film material is for your cable is most suitable, then please contact us. We're here to help.

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