Most people are known plastic films to protect food in the household. The POLIFIBRA films GmbH manufactures and assembles polyester and laminated films, which are used because of specific character in different industrial manufacturing sectors.

Films for coating

POLIFIBRA provides polyester films with different strongly adhering surfaces.

In our product POLI BOND the surface of the PETP film on or treated on both sides in varying degrees. This can be a very significant improvement in the adhesion of coatings to be achieved.

POLI BOND can in the film thicknesses 19µ - 350µ are delivered.

Films for printing

Different printings require different surfaces. In addition to highly transparent or colored opaque base films we offer here at various coatings that allow easy and quick editing.

Films for seals

Seal foils are coated films, the above-defined temperature ranges enable an activation of the coating so as to allow bonding of different products.

POLIFIBRA films offers solutions for different temperature ranges and applications.

Auxiliary materials in production

As auxiliary materials in the production are particularly polyester films or composite films with high tear strength and high thermal stresses.

release films

The good chemical resistance of polyester films as a release film enables use in various fields. Here, the smooth and uniform surface and excellent mech. Self sheep of the polyester film is very important. Mostly, however, the separation characteristics must be increased by a special release coating.

POLIFIBRA films also here on the respective application coordinated resources.

Special composites offer here also extremely high tensile strengths.

different materials

In addition to these areas of application of our films, find POLIFIBRA products even more application possibilities in the industrial sector:
  • Hoses for batteries
  • stampings
  • Embossed film formats
  • Protection for pipelines (in different forms of delivery)
  • Wound shrink tubes with very thin walls and precise inside diameters.
  • and much more.
Just contact us and we will help you to find the best solution for your application.
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