General Notes

When choosing the right film or the film composite, different priorities have to be considered.

One of the basic features here is the temperature class of the final product that the Film is used in.

The most common temperature ranges are shown below:
  • Thermal class B 130 ° C
  • Thermal class F 155 ° C
  • Thermal class H 180 ° C
All Polifibra products are measured and approved against this Standard Thermal Class (WKL) by using the appropriate Testing Standards. (VDE, UL, IEC, etc.).

By Bonding and or Coating from different base films, individual Thermal Values can be considerably improved. This also applies to their Mechanical and Electrical properties.

Take advantage of our many years experience in the selection of insulating sheets or insulating Systems.

Please call us to discuss in more detail, the best solution for you and your particular application.

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