Products for the Electrical Industry

POLIFIBRA Folien offers a wide range of films and multilayer composites, which are used for Insulation and other applications in the Electrical sector.

Where electric power is used, insulation is necessary. The "Appropriate Insulation" is a critical factor in ensuring the most efficient functionality of High-Voltage machines, Transformers and Motors.

On the following pages you will find an overview of our portfolio in the electrical sector:

General Notes
When choosing the right film or the film composite, different priorities have to be considered. [more]

Polyester films
POLIFIBRA manufacture a wide range of insulating films that are based on Polyester films [more]

Composite films
POLIFIBRA manufacture composite polyester films, which are UL and IEC / CEI Approved [more]

Prepregs / coated films
Polifibra produce films that incorporate reinforcing fibers that are impregnated with resin [more]

Heat stabilized films
These films are polyester films which have been “Heat Stabilized”, to limit further shrinkage. [more]

Caps and tubes
These Spirally Wound Tubes and Caps are used for Electrical Insulation on Motor Lead Wires. [more]

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