Prepregs / coated films

Under prepreg is meant the reinforcing fibers that are already impregnated with resin. Upon heating, the resin liquefies briefly and steeped the fibers before it begins to harden. Prepregs offer especially for complex components high performance and a very wide range of application.

Our prepreg products


Insulation of thermal class F / 155 ° C

Therm-H is a DMD composite with a resin coating in the "B-stage". This allows for good workmanship as delivered. The surface is designed slidably to good machine processing. Through an optimal curing, a fixed connection can be made for winding.

Different versions of the film type Therm-H

Type D 50 D 75 D 100 D 125 D 190 D 250 D 350
Nominal Thickness mm 0,17 0,18 0,20 0,23 0,29 0,35 0,45

More product specifications are available upon request.


Diakraft and Diafilm are partially coated prepregs. They were for the specific requirements as gas-cooled transformers developed. The diamond-shaped coating is about 36% of the surface and allows an adhesive bond with the winding layers without the cooling medium adversely hindering.
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