Our capabilities are divided into three core business areas:
  • Electrical Applications.
  • Cable Industry.
  • General Industrial Applications.
Due to the different requirements of these market sectors, our films and multi-layered composites have to fulfill a number of different characteristics. Therefore, we manufacture and assemble composite films from base materials such as Copper, Aluminum, Polyester, BOPP, PVC and PE Films etc. which are used in various production areas. Even films with a heat-activatable coating (eg, so-called. Prepregs and sealable coatings) are in our product range.

Properties of the films

The respective location where the composite films is determined by their chemical resistance, mechanical strength and the electrical and physical values. Our products are doing well in high-voltage machines, transformers or motors are used as in the isolation of data or power cables or as a coating or release films in almost all industrial sectors.

Products for the electrical industry
Products for the cable industry
Films and laminates for industrial applications
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